Diesel powered unit “T-4000”
An one-piece, frontmount, high capacity, diesel-powered unit cooling & heating system for large straight trucks.
* Superior capacity and performance
* Superior temperature control
* Faster pulldown and temperature recovery
* Lower maintenance and service costs
Applicable Temperature
Ambient to ‘-25℃
Applicable Volume
4.5 – 6meter length refrigerated van bodies
TM23 or an equivalent
Microprocessor controller for Easy & User friendly control
Installation kit(battery cables, electric fuel pump, fuel lines)
* T-4000 Refrigeration Capacity at 30℃ ambient (Return air to evaporator)
Road operation (R404a)
0℃ 6100W
-20℃ 3700W
Stand by operation
0℃ 4950W
-20℃ 3000W
Defrost : Automatic hot gas defrost
Heating option