(Multi-Temperature controlling units)
We are finding a rise in the number of goods requiring various temperature settings that need to be loaded in ONE truck.
Thermal master now has the flexibility to do just that: “T3000MT”, “T3500MT”.
Quicker temperature recovery & improved air management.
Quicker pull-down
High airflow
Higher cooling capacity
Condenser : T-3500
Evaporator 1 : T-1400EVA
Evaporator 2 : T-1400EVA
* T-3500MT Refrigeration Capacity at 30℃ ambient/2400RPM (Return air to evaporator)
Road operation (R404A)
Cooling capacity 0℃ -20℃
Evaporator 1 3500W 1850W
Evaporator 2 3500W 1600W
2 zone / Two compartment plans
T-3500MT/H : Heating system option
T-3500MT/SE : Stand by unit : option