T-500 / T-500R / T-500SE

T-500/T-500R/T-500SE are truck engined powered units
for small trucks and various vans.
Slim-size / Super cooling / Simple Unit
High cooling performance
Ease of use
Condenser (coils: copper tubes & Alminum fins)
Slim evaporator (coils: copper tubes & Alminum fins)
Modle Condensers
T-500 Standard nose-mounting condenser
T-500R Roof mounting condenser
T-500SE Stand by unit bulit-in condenser
micro process control (Easy & error-free operation)
Durable and reliable / user friendly / manual & automatic defrost / hour meters to record operation time
TM13(displaement: 131cc / 6 cylinders / SD7B10.)
* T-500 Refrigeration Capacity at 30℃ ambient/2400RP (Return air to evaporator)
Road operation (R134A)
0℃ 2250W 2255W
-20℃   1460W
Refrigerant charge  0.9kg  0.9kg
Defrost : Automatic hot gas defrost
T-500 condenser
(Nose mounting condenser)
(Roof mounting condenser)
T-500SE condenser
(stand by built-in condenser)