12V or 24V DC powered unit

T400B is a battery powered refrigeration unit and a cooling system designed for fresh applications on small trucks and vans.
No compressor in the engine compartments is needed, which allows the vehicle to run its original AC system.
* Refrigeration Capacity at 30℃ ambient
Road operation (R134A) – 0℃ / Return to evaporator – 650W
1. Start-stop cooing on battery
2. Low battery voltage protection
System components
1. Condenser(coils: copper tubes & Aluminum fins)
2. Ultra slim evaporator(coils: copper tubes & Aluminum fins)
3. Controller(micro processor controller)
4. Installation kit
Compressor:46cc displacement
Refrigerant: HFC R-134a
Refrigerant charge: 0.9kg
Total current consumption on the road
63A at 12V DC
31A at 24V DC
Electric motors
DC voltage options: 12V DC and 24V DC
Dimension: 875x470x235(mm) / Weight: 60kg
Dimension: 725 x 555 x 145(mm) / Weight: 18kg